Guide Rollers

Extra Heavy Duty 11-29 Double Bracket

This bracket was especially designed to counteract against excessive rope spin, Can be fitted with 250 dia wheels with the option of heavy duty or light duty wheels.

Gopro 10-99/11 Double Centre Wheel Bracket

Medium to light duty. A ruberized spring is fitted on the side to save space if necessary.

GoPro 11-88 Double Torque Guide Bracket

11-88 is designed for heavy duty operations and fitted with two torque guides which assists with then “G” forces encountered with high speed travel

Gopro 11-91 Guide Roller Bracket

The flagship Guide Roller Bracket used all over the world on large conveyances. This bracket can run at 19m/s(+-3600ft/min). THis guide roller can be used to hoist from depths of 3200 meters carrying payloads of 39 Tons. The bracket can be manufactured with a narrow type base, or to suite customer’s requirements

GoPro 11-82 Torque Guide Bracket

With the torque guide fitted to the centre wheel, this allows a constant pressure of 68kg on the guide at all times. This bracket has become the prefered bracket in the mining industry

GoPro 10-81 3 Wheel Bracket

Light Weight. The 10-81 Bracket can be fitted to the light duty ior heavy duty wheels. GoPro can design a skip guide bracket to suite the customers requirements, such as the 125 dia eccentric 3 wheet brackets to suit the large four guide shafts